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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 13, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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craig: that was sensational. great. you were fantastic. it's fantastic. nikki reed paul mcdonald. good night, everybody. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,nt.
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the port has been investigating him along with the director since last month. receipts from a business trip show both spent more than $4,500 in public money entertaining shipping executives at a strip club. he remains on administrative
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leave as the investigation continues and the acting director will fill his shoes. he will not receive severance as part of his retirement package. they are continuing the investigation and will talk about policies and any changes to the policies at its meeting on thursday. live in oakland, cbs 5. we learned new information in the sex scandal that forced cia director david petraeus to resign. >> it is getting very complimented. the fbi is investigating general john allen. he is the successor. the feds found 20 in the pages of potentially inappropriate e- mails -- 20,000 pages of potential inappropriate e-mails
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between him and jill kelley. like i said it is getting more complicated. cbs reporter elizabeth cook sorts it out. >> day of revelations. -letters start with the -- let's start with the woman who cia director david petraeus was having an affair. the fbi removed evidence from her home. agents have been looking at e- mails at he sent to jill kelley. those e-mails don't look like a threat to national security they seem to be snarky messages with a jealous message. >> reporter: jill kelley has done fundraising for the military. paula broadwell saw her as a romantic rival. paula broadwell sent jill
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kelley anonymous e-mails from a secret account that her and david petraeus shared. when the fbi started poking around, agents thought someone breached david petraeus' private e-mail account but it turned out they stumbled on a secret communication system they used to communicate. some of the messages sexually explicit. david petraeus would write an e- mail, he wouldn't send it, saved it to his draft folder. paula broadwell would log on and read the e-mail, that way there was never any record of messages being sent. mean time tonight much is being made of this interview paula broadwell gave a few months ago. >> i don't know if you heard this -- >> reporter: she is talking about information surrounding the terrorist attack on the
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u.s. consulate in libya. >> had taken them prisoner and they think it was an effort to get the prisoners back. >> reporter: fbi found classified information on paula broadwell's computer. >> i do not know how she got that information, i don't know why. it is a confused situation. there is another twist to the story. the fbi agent who launched the investigation was taken off the case for sending shirtless photos to who else, jill kelley. friends tell us david petraeus is spending time with his family and his wife is furious. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. police in belize want to talk to john mcafee.
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the john mcafee who started the anti-computer virus company. this is a picture of john mcafee in 2008 and this is a more recent picture. cbs reporter kid dough. >> the john mcafee that everybody thought they knew is gone. what is left is the guns and the madness. >> smart guy. accomplished guy. he is a guy that has some dark demons. >> reporter: he took this photo a few months ago. he said john mcafee was showing psychopath behavior. >> it allowed him to do whatever he wants. the things he wants to do has
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sometimes been very destructive. >> reporter: on sunday a housekeeper found the body of a neighborhood shot in the back of the head. john mcafee is a person of interest but since disappeared. tonight he has been calling a reporter who tweeted, john mcafee just called now, i will do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> he is innocent till proven guilty. john mcafee has frightened his neighbors. >> reporter: john mcafee moved to belize in 2008 with $100 million from the sale of his company. the police later raided his home and seized these guns. john mcafee gave a interview to the local newspaper in may. >> i would never expect 42 armed soldiers and police to
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storm into his property. >> claims he put a box over his head to evade police. >> is he capable of killing somebody? i wouldn't but limits on what john mcafee is capable of. >> reporter: on going and evolleyballing trag -- evolving pagied. police shot a u.s. machine from san jose this morning. he refused to stop for officers on bike patrol around 2:00 a.m. the marine then hit one of the officers with his car in a parking garage, prompting police to open fire. another marine with him was arrested for public intoxication. murder charges have been dropped against a man even
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though he confessed to killing a man. the judge said police didn't read him his rights, had to let him go. in this case the police didn't think they had to. >> reporter: it was with great fanfare police announced an arrest in a murder cases in 2010. he was gunned down as he was getting out of his car at the shopping mall. in front of family and members of his commuter, police announced his killer was his childhood front. now the judge said police never read him his rights. >> the real question was when he was talking about wanting an attorney, whether or not the questioning should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> reporter: is it possible
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police made a critical error here? >> i think the police acted properly. >> reporter: he stunned police when he said he had information about the murder. >> he was the one who did it. he murdered him in cold blood. >> the district attorney said he was not under arrest when he talked and there was no obligation to read him his rights. >> he said that all the way through, i want to keen talking to -- keep talking to you. and as the questioning proceeded it became apparent he had more than just information, he had information that only the killer could have had. >> the district attorney insists the case is not over. >> we believe we have the right person and we are going a do everything we can. >> the district attorney says he has three options, appeal the ruling, refile the charges or throw out the case and he
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won't be doing that. we will make a decision tomorrow. cbs 5. developing news out of marine county, a man's truck plunged into the rev war around -- reservoir around 6:00 p.m. witnesses said the truck was weaving before it went into the water. that truck was under 15 feet of water with its lights visible. >> drifted off the road, hit the guard rail. the vehicle rolled off and into the water. >> emergency workers pulled the victim, a man, 65-70 years old from the truck. there is a wake up call, be wear of yawning behind the wheel. the chp will crack down on
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sleephy drivers. -- sleepy drivers. >> not paying attention, not good. >> reporter: if you have driven, it is bound to happen, you start dozing off. >> worse. you feel the rumble strip and you just scare yourself over and over again. >> reporter: with holiday road trips coming up, the chp is warning about the dangers of being sleepily behind the wheel. >> weaving outside of your lane, breaking. >> reporter: the chp says drowsy diving caused 3600 collisions, 32 deaths and 2,000 injuries in 2010. if you are getting sleepy it is not just about downing caffeine. >> get out of your car. walk around. >> reporter: if you get pulled
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over, you could get a ticket for a moving violation. cbs 5. it goes with me in the bath, shower. >> afraid of going without your cell phone? the new condition doctors are taking seriously. >> a very large percentage of runners get injured. >> running wrong and getting hurt, the secret technique to running right. what it has to do withation introducing smooth sensations cream cheese spread from the laughing cow. it's rich, indulgent and 45 calories. mmm it's so good -- it practically sells itself. cut, cut. sells itself? i've poured myself into this commercial. ♪ don't be boring ♪ indulge in the morning ya! [ squeaking ] yay!
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increased risk of having a d with autism. researchers looked at almost . pregnant women who get the flu may be a increase risk of having a child with autism. kids had twice the risk of autism if their mom had the flu while pregnant. having a fever was associated with tripthal risk. >> we know -- triple the risk. >> they are more sensitive to complications. >> the risk is low. 99% of moms who had the flu or fever during pregnancy did not have a child with autism but doctors say it is a reason for a flu shot. the iphone 5 just hit the market but there is already talk they are working on a new
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version. it will enter trial protection next month. if you get separation anxiety when your cell phone isn't close by, you are not alone. she takes her phone into the shower with her. the new condition and the symptoms. >> while i am sleeping my hand is on my phone. >> reporter: more than a fixation. or a simple cell phone obsession. >> some people report panic just at the thought of not having their phone. >> reporter: no mobile phone phobia, the fear of going without your cell phone. she is a wife, mother of two, attorney. >> as a mom there are so many
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things i can do with my cell phone. order my school lunches. look at cameras that are inside my house through apps and check on my children. >> reporter: a tech junky. who is working through it. working with a doctor, some of the symptoms including -- >> using it in inappropriate places. checking the battery life. >> reporter: although it is most common in women 18-24, it is not just a sign of the times. >> somebody may have thoughts of i can't do my day without my phone. i have to get my phone. >> reporter: she cautions deis not a dis-- it is not a disorder they treat. she feels expected to be
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reachable 24/7, it was a sign of anxiety she needed to manage. >> the panic and anxiety i feel is probably not normal. >> dave: she teaches patients distraction techniques to ease their anxiety. playing with sand or making small talk. running is one of the most popular ways to stay in shape but most of us are doing it wrong and getting hurt. how should we be running? cbs reporter dr. kim says think eggs. >> reporter: we run for all reasons and in all sorts of ways. but could it be we are running wrong? >> says who? >> reporter: says our aching
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knees, hips, legs and back. >> a large percentage of runners get injured. >> reporter: as many as 90 runners training for a marathon. the researchers come up with a tratagy to cut the risk. the -- strategy to cut the risk. take lighter, quicker steps. in other words, your right foot should hit the time 80-90 time as minute. >> that decreases the stride length and reduces the impact forces that are generated. >> reporter: using tiny markers, scientists quantify how a runner moves. these two skeletons tell the story. a runner with a long stride who takes fewer steps.
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>> it is far extended. >> reporter: on the bottom a runner taking more steps but beginning directly under the body. >> not reaching as much. >> the difference, the runner with the long stride creates an impact peak linked to injury. while not everybody needs to boost the number of steps they take -- >> running with better technique will be safer for people. >> reporter: he takes more steps. >> feels awkward at first. >> reporter: now he has it down. his goal -- >> to beat my wife in december. to finish and finish strong. >> reporter: without injury. cbs 5. victoria's secret is used
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to turning heads but what one model wore is not the attention victoria's secret wants. they had them wear a native american headdress. groups said it was disrespectful so victoria's secret will edit that scene out of their fashion show that airs next month here on cbs 5. dry tonight but big weather changes that involve as lot ,,,,
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paul wrap both bears quarterback jay . weather time. it is getting darker earlier but we get beautiful shots like this. city of san francisco. clear tonight. and san francisco is one of the milder spots. here are your temperatures. livermore 43. san francisco 54. san jose 50. it will be milder tonight
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because of high thin clouds working its way in from the north. concord 43. oakland 49. redwood city 46. warmer than the past couple nights. we will be frost free. high pressure in control for the next couple days. we are on the northern fringe of this. clouds the next few days. partly cloudy skies as the edge of that high is over the top of the bay area. big weather change coming on friday. low pressure digs in off shore. this will hang out for a few days. once it moves through sunday and monday it will get soggy in here. not just showers here and there, it will be a widespread soaking rainfall, especially sunday and monday. dry tuesday, wednesday, thursday. three dry days. change on friday, showers. weekend looks wet, especially
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sunday and monday, soggy. upper 60s tomorrow for oakland and concord. san jose 70. redwood city 68. napa 66 degrees. here is your extended forecast, wednesday and thursday, pleasant. dry. here comes the showers on friday. the weekend looks soggy and ,,,,
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cutler and the 49ers alex sh suffered concussions yester. unless "both" pass a seriesf both bears quarterback and the 49ers suffered concussions
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yesterday. unless both past a series of test you could be looking at campbell versus kaepernick. in the 2nd quarter with st. louis, smith finishes the drive with blurred vision. blowing a touchdown but he did not return to the game after that drive and today jim harbaugh said he won't know status till later this week. monday night football. wind, rain and cold. chief led early but pittsburgh comes back. look that catch. wallace makes the catch to tie the game 10-10. ben roethlisberger gets sacked. he leaves the game. goes to the hospital for an mri. over time. tied 13-13. chip shot.
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23-yarder. 55 seconds in over time. we get a winner there, steelers 16-13. bryce harper won the national league rookie of the year, the second youngest player in the nl. look at this guy. did it all year long. mike trout was the choice in the american league. yoenis cespedes finishing second place. trout will get the mvp. did jim harbaugh suffer any effects from his concussion days? it is a top 5? >> no. people may have a different opinion on that. [ laughter ] >> you think? cowboys defensive coordinator play sheet. this is called product placement. about to get fined. number three, oregon and oregon state, women's soccer.
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scoring a goal with her face. that is a first. clint bowyer and jeff gordon wreck, leading to a fight. brad keselowski was not happy. >> [ bleep ]. that is [ bleep ]. that is all you can call that. they just tried to kill each other. i get called for [ bleep ] racing hard and i see stuff ,,,,
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